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I have been meaning to write about what I get up to, why I do what I do for about 20 years!!  Today, I have started to do just that.   I hope you enjoy reading about my life as a wedding photographer and sharing my journey.

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How to Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever !

Be excited – you might feel like you’ve been a bridesmaid more times than you’ve had wedding breakfasts now, but it’s still a big deal for the bride who has asked you to share in her special day, so try and be excited for her.

Be helpful – don’t agree to be a bridesmaid if you’re not willing to pitch in and help out. Quite often the bride is happy to just have her girls there to share in her day, but sometimes you might be asked to do some DIY or assist with the planning – help out with a smile where you can!

Think about the extras – it’s not enough to just turn up at the hen party and wear a sash – think about what you can do to go the extra mile to make the hen party extra special, whether that’s researching cocktail games or putting together a book of heartfelt messages from the other bridesmaids.

Be a team player – even if you don’t know the other bridesmaids, throw yourself into working with them. This is an opportunity to help your bestie and make some new friends!

Be available for non-wedding tasks – sometimes everyone needs a break, so be around for trips to the cinema or for coffee where the W word is banned.

On the day pour more champagne than you drink – too often bridesmaids forget they are there for the bride and sometimes get a little too tipsy to perform their duties. Please remember you are there to help your bride.  Yes, I get it…you have too look beautiful but it’s not about you.

Know how the dress works– be there if you need to assist the bride getting into her dress. Know how it works, possibly by attending the final fitting of the gown. You need to know how the dress fastens and how to organise all the layers and fabric under this fabulous wedding dress. It is essential you know how to fit the veil and how to best arrange the train and veil so the bride looks unbelievably beautiful throughout the day.

Be that extra pair of hands– It is impossible to carry bouquet, a drink, a dress and hold on to a new husband and look good. You should be there at all times to assist as required. Helping the photographer arranging the dress will speed up the whole process and allow the bride and groom to spend. more time with their guests. Be attentive to every need of the bride. If required, help gather family and friends for any group photography. 

There is always something that you can be doing to help. Just be there for your bestie………..

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