Frequently Asked Questions  about wedding photography and video

Make the Right Choice And Your Day Will Be All The Better

Get it wrong and it could be the worse decision you make.  The biggest regret after a wedding is not having it on video and poor quality images. Here are the frequently asked questions about wedding photography and video.

Choose An Experienced Pro... Why Risk Anything Else ?

Its so hard to choose a wedding photographer, there are so many.

Check out the information below it will help.

How do I choose a photographer?
That is the tough one, there are so many.

I suggest looking at the style and quality of imagery, do they jump off the page, are they different. Is it what you really want.  Ask how many weddings they have photographed.  Do you want them learning the ropes at your wedding ? What happens if they are ill ?  Do they have contingency plans? If they are in within a shout meet them to see if you gel.  First impressions really count. Have they done a friends wedding ? If so check out their valued opinion.

If they tick all the boxes we come down to the price.  That then depends on how much you value your memories of your day.

Your photographer will spend many hours with you but about 3 times that editing your images.  Bare that in mind when working out your budget.

I hate posing. Do I have to do this?
No.  But you would regret not having some of the beautiful portraits I create.  We keep it to a minimum.  I suggest you do the same with group shoots too.  I much prefer to capture the day as it happens.
So what do I get for my money ?

Me for a start.  With 23 years experience and almost a 1000 weddings under my belt.  Now that is priceless…

We give you about 600-800 images in digital format. All these are edited and cropped to how we think they look best.  They are high-res and you can print them as you wish. We charge £195 an hour.

To arrange a visit to my studio or email me please click here 

So you do video. What's that about?

I  do not provide you with all the footage taken on the day.  No one wants to sit and watch a 3 hour video.  I do however, give you a highlight reel with all the very best bits. The ceremony and speeches are provided as separate files.

I do not do video on its own.  This is to compliment my photography and provide you with the best possible coverage of your wedding day.

We chrage £195 an hour to film tour wedding.

How long before I see my pictures?

It takes about 3-4 weeks to edit your images before you can collect them.  Video highlight reels take 4-6 weeks.  In our busy times it may take an extra week all round.

How much is your booking fee?

20 % of your investment will secure us for the day. This is taken off the balance but is non refundable.  Don’t forget to insure your wedding.  It’s cheap for what it is.

Can we get a wedding album?

Absolutely. These start from £400 and you could invest as much as £700 if you want one a big as a coffee table. !!!   They are guaranteed for life too against  normal wear & tear.  You just choose your favourite 70-100 images and I will build a design it for you to see as a proof.  You can change it as you wish before we send it to be printed.  I allow 4 weeks to build it and 6 weeks to get it back from the publisher.

How much do you charge ?

All weddings are different but our pricing structure remains the same.  We charge for the number of  hours we are you with you. That way you decide what coverage you want and not me !! Check out our prices here.

Are you insured?
So very much.. 3 million public liability.

£50K professional indemnity.

What happens if you are ill?

Good shout.  I have 4 other photographers who work for me. One full time and 2 part time.  If I can’t make it, rest assured one or two of my team will.

What happens if your kit breaks at the wedding?
We have so much gear we bring with us it would never happen that we could not carry on with the spares we carry.
You sound amazing. Can I book you please ?

Yes of course.  Complete the enquiry form found here or call me on 07939561029

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For any other questions, please call us on

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