Family Photography & Portrait –  FAQs

How do I choose a portrait photographer?
I suggest you look at the style and quality of imagery, do they jump off the page, are they different. Is it what you really want? Are they experienced or a novice ? Do you want them learning the ropes during your session ? If you like what you see in my gallery, please give me a call.
How do we book you ?

Call or email me to check availability.

So what do I get for my money ?
There are 2 types of sessions.  Location or studio-based.

Rather than sell separate images we provide you with digital copies of your favourite  images. They are all high-resolution and they are yours to do what ever you want with them.

Prints and canvas images are available at cost price so you pay commercial rates not high-street prices.  A 20×16 canvas would cost only £40 !!

The cost:  a studio session start at £75.

Full price list can be found here.

Do you Photoshop the Images ?
We do.  Who deoesn’t? Simple, easy fixes are free but more involved work is charged at £3 an image, or per person requiring a little help in group shots.
How do we see the images ?
After the session you will be invited  to come back to the Studio to choose your favourites. There in no pressure selling as you have already paid.  The only other expense would be prints or a canvas all sold at cost.
Can we bring props ?
Please do.  If it’s significant or cute bring it.  We may not use them but, then again we may.
What should we wear?
Try to ensure that all the group wear a similar style of clothes.  All very smart or smart casual, or relaxed.  You decide but a mixture will not work. Changes of clothes are fine but this will extend the session and a charge of £20 will be incurred. Try to avoid logos on shirts.  If there is a part of you you don’t like photographed…. try to hide it. Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes unless you have a figure you wish to show off.
How long before we get the images ?
Digital images will be ready within 5 working days.  Prints and canvas images about 10 days.  If you are pushed for time and need to meet a deadline we will try to accommodate this.
What if we have to reschedule?

If you give more than a weeks notice your reservation fee will be refunded.  You can the reschedule at no extra cost. Less than that I’m afraid you forfeit your fee.

Can we share the images on social media?
Of course.  you have printing rights so do what you want with them !
What if we don't need lots of images ?
If you don’t want or need lots of images, you can purchase single digital files from £75 each.