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So, how to you choose your wedding dress ?  When setting out it is more important to look at your size and shape and what will suit you more than what your friend wore last year or what’s currently ‘in trend’ Start early, its one of the first exciting steps towards your big day…

Go to Bridal shows

and make yourself a pin board on Pinterest. Start to pin all the dresses that you like. Don’t forget these models are all heavily photoshopped to make the dresses look amazing but soon you’ll start to notice a pattern for the kind of dresses you’re drawn towards. Some may have sleeves, some halter neck, others completely strapless. Then there’s the material, silk, satin or lace? Its a whirlwind of choice and every Bridal shop is out to get your money! It’s fierce competition!

Visit the Bridal shops

When you have some (or maybe no) idea, it’s time to go trekking around the Bridal shops. Take your Mum or your Bridesmaids as other people’s opinion is definitely important but ultimately it’s the one that YOU want as opposed to what THEY like. This is a very common mistake. The staff at Bridal shops are always there to offer the utmost help and most of the experienced ones have been doing this for years so listen carefully to their advice. If you have a 38HH chest then when they say strapless isn’t the way forward they really do have a point! I’ve seen a few Brides literally ‘topple out’ of their dresses during their wedding day and others pulling the dress up under the arm pit every 10 mins,  just when I could have captured the most amazing candid moment. There it is, an elbow in the way!!

Every Bride has a budget.

No matter how big or small, and whilst your dress is the most important thing on the top of the your list ist (after the Groom of course!) there’s no point in going to a Bridal shop where you know the dresses are thousands upon thousands of pounds. We all have to be realistic about our budgeting and whilst you may be able to stretch to the dress of your wildest dreams would you really want to cut your budget somewhere else that could be of equal importance to you? Like you’re PHOTOGRAPHY???……..

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