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So many brides say to me I hate having my photograph taken and they are anxious about their wedding photography.

Then they nail it !! How ?

At Studio 900 all our couples have a free pre-wedding shoot where we get to know each other well during the two hours it takes.  We talk about posing techniques, how best to stand to look your best and reassure you.  You will learn my relaxed, informal and humorous approach will help you get the most from your wedding day.


And of course good make up.  Check out our recommended make up artist here

I will teach you to go with the flow, to just relax and enjoy having your photograph taken. Ultimately, you will be confident I will get it right every time.  With 20 years experience of photographing brides I really do know what works. With excellent lighting and posing techniques I will make you look your very best.  And, let’s not forget the groom too because they are just as important and often just as concerned as the bride.

You can rest assured if I don’t like the photograph you won’t see it.

Take a look at these two pictures of brides who before their wedding hated having their photographs taken!

Wouldn’t believe it would you …….



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