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Congratulations. You’ve been chosen to be a bridesmaid, what an honour.As a wedding photographer for the last 20 years I have seen bridesmaids get it right and get it wrong.

The role of the bridesmaid involves a great deal before the wedding namely support, not been difficult when it comes to choosing the bridesmaid’s dresses, helping to organise the hen party, attending dress fittings (only if you’re invited) to name but a few.

There is much to being a bridesmaid before the wedding day but this article is about what you should do, and shouldn’t do, on the wedding day.

With that in mind, it’s best you get clued up on all the crucial bridesmaid duties that you’d better not forget.




THIS IS HARSH BEWARE…. So, how do you become the very best bridesmaid ever?

Remember it’s not your day. You are there to help the bride. Period. Harsh but true. Just because you have your hair and make up done, new shoes, flowers and a new dress it’s not about you.

Don’t drink too much. Certainly until the bride sits down for the wedding breakfast. Drunk bridesmaids can spoil a wedding. Do not let the occasion get the better of you. Support the bride.
Be there for her and predict what she may require before she knows she needs it.

Keep an eye on the time so the bride isn’t late. Ensure all the bridesmaids are ready in good time, including flower girls and page boys. There is so often a rush as the ceremony fast approaches.
As a photographer its always a bonus if we can get some amazing shots in camera with everybody ready before the wedding.

Have a Bridal emergency kit. Have access to scissors, safety pins, needle and thread, plasters and tissues.

Have the Bride’s lipstick to hand, always. Unless you have a make up artist on VIP duty.

Be there for the photographs. After the ceremony you job gets busier. The birdie will need help with carrying her bouquet and her drink. You must know how to make the dress look its very best for photographs. You may also be required to gather people for the family photographs. Know who is needed for these images prior to the wedding.

Always remember your bouquet. So often bridesmaids put their flowers down and walk to where the photographs are being taken without them. Then we wait whist she, or somebody else, fetches them. Your bride has a very busy day and should not have to wait for you. Make sure all the bridesmaids know this…..

Hey apart from that…..enjoy the day. After all, none of the above is difficult.

See you the wedding

Best Wishes,






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