Choose an Album That Works for You

First choose the size of album you want….

Upgrade ?

Fancy upgrading your album to make it even more amazing ?

Your precious memories deserve the best album to preserve them forever…..

Metallic Paper ?

With a glossy finish and unique metallic appearance, your images have extra visual interest and depth. The results are striking, as the images seem to jump off the page. £2 a page 

Thicker Pages ?

Increasing the thickness of the pages moves from a magazine style album to more like a book. It does of course provide increased durability too. £2 a page

Extra Pages

Should you choose lots of images to go into your album, you may need extra pages. These are charged the same what ever album you have @ £15 per page


If I don’t answer your query here please give me a call on 07939561029 or use the contact form here.
How many pictures should I choose ?
You can choose as many as you want.  My advice though, is to pick no more than 80, or your album could become repetitive.  I know you have received so many images but be ruthless and decide which are the very best.
How do we let you know which images we want ?
Simply email your chosen images to me, in their original size, format and file number via We Transfer.  As simple as that.
What albums do you use ?
I use exclusively Garphistudio Albums. In my  opinion the best there are.  Italy-based, their products are top class.  I guess I’m a title like Henry Ford.  you can have any album as long it’s Graphistudio………
Are the upgrades on paper type and thickness worth it?
I believe they are.  At the end of the day your album is the showcase of your fabulous day. It provides lasting memories for ever.  Why not have the best ?
Does size matter ?
Of Course it Does !
How long does to take you to design the album?
Erm…. This depends on how many couples are in the queue ahead of you.  I like to take no more than 3 weeks to get the proof designed.
How do we see the proof?
You will have to visit the Studio as it quiet a complicated process, particularly  if you want to make some changes.  This way you have an input as to how your album looks.
How long does it take once the album has been sent to print?
You are looking around 6-8 weeks depending on how busy Graphistudio are.
When do we pay ?
Like your photographs, I take payment upfront. 75% of the estimated cost to be honest.  The remainder is calculated once we know the exact number of pages, paper type cover etc.  The balance is paid before collection by bank transfer or cash on collection.

Fancy a canvas print from your wedding ?

Please take a look at our canvas prices and let me know what size you want.

  • 16×20 inch canvas £65
  • 20×30 inch canvas £75
  • 24×30 inch canvas £95
  • 30×40 inch canvas £125