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Our courses are ideal for the budding amateurs, or more experienced photographer, who are looking to break into the wedding and portrait photography industry.  A certain knowledge of how your camera works is expected so complete beginners are not advised to attend the course.  You must know the difference between a bus stop and an f-stop !! You don’t need a lot of equipment either as you will discover what works best for you.

Those who have a little wedding experience already will benefit from the business side as the courses provide advice on how to run a wedding photography business successfully !!

Helping You Achieve Success

Learn New Skills

Or Improve Your Existing Talent

Wedding & portrait photography training

Part Two-£225

This course includes :

Hands on shooting a bride and groom at a nearby Manor House

Backing up your images

Review your images from the shoot

Workflow, sorting and culling your images

Photoshop essentials

Presenting your work

The next steps to sucess

Our mentor system

The assistant photography programme

Who are the courses for ?

From hobbyist to experienced shooters looking to break into wedding photography

Mentorship Programme

 Benefit from continued advice and guidance

The Associate Photographer Programme

Shoot two actual weddings with John

The 3 year support programme

If you a serious about making this happen the support programme is a must

Why Choose Our Wedding Photography Course?

23 years ago I changed my life, followed my dream and became a self employed wedding photographer.

You can do the same. I can teach you how to succeed.

Taking the step brought so much to my life!!

Learn from a professional photographer with 23 years experience in the industry
The experience and knowledge gained through photographing more than 1000 weddings is invaluable.  I will teach you all I know to help you succed. Check out our mentorship programme.
1 to 1 telephone support after the course
On completion of the course John will be available to chat once a week, for a month, to offer support and advice.
Guarenteed to earn your money back
If you follow our guidleines and advice to the letter we guarentee you will earn your money back with 12 months or we will refund your course fee.
Discount available for multi-course and programme purchases
Sign up for the 2 day cousre, the metorship and associatae photographer programmes and save  20%

About Me

  Hi, I’m John McCulloch. I have been a  wedding photographer based in Wirral for 23 years.

I trained as a nurse in the NHS and, 2 years after qualifying, joined the RAF.

I served for 16 years during the Falklands War, the troubles in Northern Ireland and  the 1st Gulf War.  Specialising in orthopedics and trauma I was honored to be chosen to nurse in the Aeromedical Team and spent many hours flying round the world nursing our sick and injured service men and women.  I left the RAF  with the rank of  squadron leader and I am extremely proud to have served my Queen & country.

I decided to become a wedding and portrait photographer and after a year working with a professional photographer I established Studio 900 in 1998. My passion, as a wedding photographer, is to create images my clients truly love. Check out my wedding gallery here. I certainly enjoy working with people and, when asked why I have been so successful in business, I always remark it’s my ability to work with clients in a friendly, informal and professional way.

I love to capture the fleeting moments, the raw  emotions, the fun and laughter of a wedding but, as importantly to me are the fabulous posed shots I capture at weddings of the bride & groom.  You will see from my portfolio the time and effort I take to make couples look amazing on their special day.    When not behind the camera I spend many hours in front on my Mac making sure all the images we produce are the very best we can make them. Post production takes up a lot of time.

I love to spend time with my family. I have 2 children and 5 grand kids. Julie, my wife, is my rock.  She helps me drive the business on and supports me more than she knows.  She is the most fabulous person to be with and is beautiful in so, so many ways. Furthermore, she is an amazing make up artist and runs her own highly successful business,  Julie Mac Make Up

I enjoy the sunshine, singing, cycling, reading and red wine.

It is my pleasure to have photographed over a 1000  weddings and I must have hundreds of portraits on the walls of houses in  Wirral.  I love what I do and strive to produce something special for every one of our clients.

Johnny Mac

John McCulloch wedding  photographer
John McCulloch
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“John taught me so much during my time with him.. I have recently signed up for the 3 year support plan.”Photographed 2 weddings to date “!!!


“The business side worried me. Not any more.  With John’s advice I now have my web site and getting bookings.”



“I now understand how to light and pose people.  Essential skills i didn’t have before the course.”



“He motivated me to pick up the baton, giving me the confidence and knowledge to leap ahead.”



“I choose the 1 to 1 course as I was determined to succeed.  Such great value for money when you consider the potential earning capacity. Already booked my first wedding.”


“My photography and understanding of light and people is now another level.  Such a great teacher and a top bloke.  He so funny too.”


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