Wedding venues in the North West


Finding the perfect wedding venue in the north west is likely to be a priority for most couples. After all, the venue plays a pivotal role in the success of your special day, It’s the massive decision that you need to get right.
When you fall in love with the venue, and you will, remember to check that they can fulfil all your personal requirements. Can you fit in all your guests, what happens if it rains. Where will you do the photography then !! have a great article on questions to ask your venue. Check it out….



Below are loads of photos from some of the wedding venues Studio 900 frequent. There is no such thing as a bad wedding venue but some will meet your requirements more than others. From our experience couples often dream of a sunny day when they tie the knot. Realistically, it may rain or be windy, or both. Choose a venue that can accommodate the numbers of guests comfortably and ensure there is room to do creative and fun photography. My other top tips, make sure you love the food and the staff are friendly and accommodating…. Then, enjoy your wedding day.

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