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I want to tell a story, not just any story but your love story, with stunning images so you will never forget your special day.

A story you can relive with family and friends and your children in years to come.

Something you will have to treasure for ever.

I want to capture your day in my relaxed and unique style.  I want to help create fabulous memories.

There is a whole bunch of things that make your wedding day special.
The main ingredients are you guys and what you both bring to the table.
Add to the menu your family and friends and you have a unique recipe for fun-filled, magical moments.
My passion is not just photographing these moments but capturing the essence and ambience of the day to provide you with fabulous images, and film, so you can always relive the day.

My Style of Photography


I have a friendly, unobtrusive approach that has worked well for the last 21 years.

I much prefer to blend into your wedding day than organising loads of posed shots. 

I hope to add to the fun and excitement of they day as I capture relaxed informal moments

I’ve got all the gear and every idea to make you both look amazing.

Meet The Team

About Me

That’s me in the crash helmet with my beautiful wife, Julie, in the blue hat, surrounded by the people I love the most.  Missing are my 3 step daughters , 4 grand kids and our two dogs.  I like to drink wine, sing, cycle and read, not at the same time, but sadly in that order…….  I was a nurse in the Royal Air Force for 22 years before training to become a photographer.

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Meet The Team

We are the Wirral wedding photography team.  Without the support and hard work of these wonderful people Studio 900 would not be what it is today.  It gives me great peace of mind in the knowledge that with such a fabulous team available to me we will never let a couple down. You can trust us to get your wedding photography right… EVERY TIME!!