Wirral wedding photographer

Wirral Wedding Photographer John McCulloch

Hi, I’m John McCulloch. I have been a Wirral wedding photographer for 25 years. If you want to know a little more about the guy who is going to create your wedding pictures then please read on.

Now, I didn’t take this picture, cos if I did my son, on the left, would not be hiding behind his wife and you would be able to see him !!!!

This was taken at my 60th birthday party in 2017 with Julie, my amazing wife, my kids and their soul mates.  Between them they have blessed me with 5 grandchildren and, consequently, a lot of Christmas shopping.

I trained as a nurse in the NHS and, 2 years after qualifying, joined the RAF.

I served for 16 years during the Falklands War, the troubles in Northern Ireland and  the 1st Gulf War.  Specialising in orthopedics and trauma I was honored to be chosen to nurse in the Aeromedical Team and spent many hours flying round the world nursing our sick and injured service men and women.  I left the RAF  with the rank of  squadron leader and I am extremely proud to have served my Queen & country.

I then decided to become a wedding and portrait photographer and after a years training established Studio 900 in 1998.

Boy how time does fly by.

My passion, as a Wirral wedding photographer, is to create images my clients truly love. Check out my wedding gallery here. Images they couldn’t possibly take themselves.  I certainly enjoy working with people and, when asked why I have been so successful in business, I always remark it’s my ability to work with clients in a friendly, informal and professional way.

I love to capture the fleeting moments, the raw  emotions, the fun and laughter of a wedding but, as importantly to me are the fabulous posed shots I capture at weddings of the bride & groom.  You will see from my portfolio the time and effort I take to make couples look amazing on their special day.   

I do photograph the family groups as well but prefer to keep these to the bare minimum so we can concentrate on enjoying the day.

When not behind the camera I spend many hours in front on my Mac making sure all the images we produce are the very best we can make them. Post production takes up a lot of time.

I love to spend time with my family.  Julie, my wife, is my rock.  She helps me drive the business on and supports me more than she knows.  She is the most fabulous person to be with and is beautiful in so, so many ways. Furthermore, she is an amazing make up artist and runs her own highly successful business,  Julie Mac Make Up

I enjoy the sunshine, singing, cycling, reading and red wine.

It is my pleasure to have photographed over a 1000 Wirral weddings and I must have hundreds of portraits on the walls of houses in  Wirral.  I love what I do and strive to produce something special for every one of our clients.

May be you will be the next one ?

Johnny Mac

Wirral wedding & portrait photographer and wedding video specialist.