5 Top Tips to help choose a wedding photographer

Congratulations! You’ve decided to get married.

One of the first things to do is choose your wedding photographer but with so many out there how do you decide ?

The process of selecting your wedding photographer can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are five top tips to help you choose a wedding photographer for your big day.


1. Value For Money – Cost

According to Hitched, the average spend on wedding photography is around £ 1800.00.
Your photographs will provide the memories of your wedding day forever and are certainly worth the investment. That said, we all have budgets to stick too, though you probably won’t. Weddings have a habit of costing more than you think. As your photographs are so important consider cutting back on something else so you get the photographer you really want.

The old adage, “you get what you pay for” is usually true to life. If the wedding photography appears cheap there will be a reason. Perhaps the photographer is just starting out and has little experience and confidence. They may not have back up gear in case of equipment malfunction and usually work alone so no second shooter.

Make sure you’re aware of what you get for your hard earned money and ask the following questions:

Do you get all the high resolution images without watermarks?
Do they come as prints or digital files ?
How long does the photographer work for on the wedding day?
Do you get an online gallery?
Are the downloads free?
Is a second shooter included if not, what will it cost?
Do you have any sample albums?
Do you offer online viewing options?
How many photos do I get?
Can I get prints?

I would recommend having two photographers on the day as the images created by a second photographer offer a varied style and approach. At Studio 900 Photography, we always use our own in-house trained wedding photographers and not a photographer whose style, personality and ability we don’t know. You may be required to pay for travel and accommodation if your photography has to travel some distance. If the wedding venue is more than 50 miles away I personally ask for an overnight stay before the wedding as I fear getting stuck on the motorway and not making the wedding !!

5 Top Tips to help choose a wedding photographer

2. Experience

Choose a wedding photographer who has a great deal of experience. A seasoned professional will know how a wedding day unfolds and will ensure the day runs smoothly. Time is of the essence and wedding photography can be a stressful and pressurized job. You need someone who will cope easily with the demands of the role. Ask how many weddings they have photographed and how long they have been in business. I have personally photographed over 1000 weddings during my 25 years in business!! That said, you will have to pay more for an expert. A good wedding photographer should have a style that fits with your personality and preferences. They should also be able to create timeless images that can be enjoyed for years to come, from getting ready with your bridesmaids, to saying “I do” in front of all your guests. They should also be able to take candid shots of the guests dancing, laughing and generally enjoying themselves throughout the evening. A professional photographer has likely photographed hundreds of weddings before yours, so they’ll have a better idea of how to get great shots without being intrusive during the ceremony or reception. Ann experienced wedding photographer knows how to handle different situations and personalities, and being able to anticipate what will happen at your wedding so you can be prepared ahead of time. The best photographers are passionate about what they do. They’ll share your excitement and get excited about your photos together.



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3.  Image Quality & Style

The quality of a photographer’s work can make or break a wedding. It is important to hire a professional photographer who has experience in weddings and who knows how to capture all the most important moments.

There are many different styles of wedding photography, but most have some things in common: candid shots and posed pictures. Candid shots capture the real feelings and emotions of the day, while posed shots help create memories that last forever. Are you looking for something classic or contemporary? Do you want black-and-white photos or colour? You should discuss this with your photographer before booking them so that they can give you advice on how best to achieve the kind of style that you want.

The artistic photographer uses interesting angles and lighting effects to create images with impact. They may also use props such as flowers or other items from around the venue when taking photos. The results are often quite dramatic and striking images that stand out from other photos taken at weddings.

Always have an in-depth look at the work of a photographer, some have the experience and skillset to create more than one style. What you see on their web site is what you will get on your wedding day. Don’t let them try to convince you differently. If any web site images are out of focus or poorly composed beware. Their web site is their choice of their best work !

5 Top Tips to help choose a wedding photographer


5 Top Tips to help choose a wedding photographer

5 Top Tips to help choose a wedding photographer

4.  Trust

It’s important to find a photographer you trust, because they’ll be documenting the most important day of your life. The last thing you want is for them to miss out on an important shot or be unable to capture the beautiful moments that happen throughout your amazing wedding day. A great photojournalist can capture the magic and emotion of your wedding day in ways that even you might not expect. On the other hand, an inexperienced or unprofessional photographer can ruin what could have been an otherwise perfect day. Wedding photography is one of the most competitive businesses out there — so make sure that any photographer you’re considering has plenty of reviews from past clients who were happy with their work. Get recommendations from trusted friends, family members or colleagues who’ve hired photographers for their own weddings (and whose weddings were well-documented). Ask them about their experience working with a particular photographer — was it easy? Did they feel like they were able to capture all of the important moments? Did they enjoy collaborating.





5. Personality Fit

You want someone who reflects your personality and style — someone who makes you feel comfortable around them and whose approach matches yours. This may mean choosing someone who takes more candid photographs during the wedding day rather than formal portraits. Reading their reviews will give you a good indication of their personality type. Look for comments about their demeanour and social skills as well as their ability as a wedding photographer. Research photographers’ websites, portfolios and social media pages before contacting them directly or scheduling an appointment. This will help you identify photographers whose work resonates with yours before meeting face-to-face with them or speaking with them on the phone. You want someone who knows how to work with all kinds of brides and grooms, from classic traditionalists to those who love modern trends and styles. Your photographer should also be able to handle any situation that might arise on the day of your wedding — whether there are rain clouds overhead or if your flower girl decides she doesn’t want to cooperate with her parents’ wishes.


I hope these 5 top tips to help you choose me !!!

Best Wishes,


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